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Want to do some green changes, but unsure where to begin?

I'm designing a website to help exploring various possibilities, so you get a better idea of what to expect, and decide if these changes are worth doing without checking various sources of information, as it would all be in one place.

Design goals

  • Give a green feel visual, but still accommodate colour-blind users
  • Choice of French or English - more languages later
  • Responsive website so you can use it on a mobile or a desktop

How this project started

The initial work started in 2016 as an IT degree project. The user research, design and first prototype were done between February and June. There was no coding involved as the focus was the design. App inventor was used to create the mobile app for Android and I received the Best Design App of the Month in June 2016 for it.

After learning more about permaculture, frontend development and UX design, I decided to explore this further.

Download the 2016 prototype for Android devices

App Inventor logo best app of the month for design for adult
photo of Stephanie Krus

About me

I'm a web developer exploring UX design and living in Ayrshire, Scotland. I want to promote better uses of natural resources, and permaculture as an intelligent design, which meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, and reducing our impact on the planet.